Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We love Elsie!! we had just the best time on Monday! Cindy picked me up around 2PM, we headed down to Kemah, stopping at Novel Approach on the way...(my favorite stamping store)

Then, we met up with Toni, Laurel, and Gloria at Scrapbook Junkie, did some groovy shopping, and then all went out to dinner! Mmmmmm....I had snapper.....yummmmmm.

We got to meet Elsie, at the book signing.

She liked my trademark glitter eye makeup, and she also said "you're adorable!" And yes, she really is as cute as she seems....very expressive. She was so patient with everyone.

The class was just too much fun! The project is adorable...called "Life is Swell" I just love that word....swell. I used to use it a lot when I was in college, never as much as groovy though.

Anyway, back to the book... It has pages of different photo sleeves of various basically, lots of different separate pockets., which you could put patterned paper in, embellishments, stamps, photos....whatever you want! Also, leave some of them open to give you that see-through preview window effect. I just love it! No, I didn't get it done, but I will! It's so free and casual, you can just do anything! I've got lots of small pics that I've printed out for other projects and never used that I can use up.....and just have fun with it!

Also, every now and then, Elsie would just pipe up with an "I love you guys!". She is clearly a very talented and sweet young woman, for whom I wish a most wonderful life full of love and art.

Here's my cover page...

If you want to see Elsie's project, look here!

So, to sum with Cindy is always an adventure, I love love love going out with these girls, road trips rock, scrapbooking is just the grooviest hobby, Elsie's cute, and I'm adorable (according to Elsie!) : )

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