Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crazy kitty

So, I just wanted to share a few pictures that make me smile....

Today, Grant and I were headed off to brunch...(yes, Poker threw a shoe again...hence why I was home to go to brunch on a Sunday....but he already has it back on so he'll be ready for tomorrow..) and Figaro always sits in waiting when he knows that we're going to leave. He's ready to pounce and play with his favorite toy "pound puppy". However, he hates for us to see him play with it. If we throw it, he'll run after him with a sound of glee, but when he gets to him, sniffs, and acts like..."no..I'm cool...nothing to see here" He acts the same way if we walk in on him while he's playing. He just drops him, and looks away. But, he's more than happy to play with him while we're gone, or upstairs or in bed, etc. He caries him around in his mouth and does these weird vocalizations, quite loudly...I swear he's talking to him, because they're all different. He carries him all over the house. When I return home or get up in the AM, pound puppy will have been relocated.

So, one of Grant's favorite things to do, is throw pound puppy just as he's walking out the door. Figaro will crouch and stare at him...just waiting for him to throw it and leave....

He throws it, and then Figaro immediately runs off after him, and if we've closed the door by then, he'll start to play.

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