Friday, June 29, 2007

Do you know anyone who got an iphone? Oh WAIT That's ME!

I am the coolest....well, actually, Grant is the coolest, well, he was the coolest before, but regardless....he bought me an iphone!
He swears it isn't just because he felt guilty about washing my cell phone earlier this week.....

After giving it to me, he took me to the apple store (which was open until midnight tonight for the iphone launch) so that I could play with one. Yes, I saw Steve Jobs when he premiered it, and it looked flipping cool, but Steve Jobs makes everything look really freaking cool!
The stuff that you can do with the touch screen is unbelievable!
And, if you're listening to your music through the headphones and you get a call, it will fade your music out and pause it, then you can answer the call, and then it fades your music back in when you're done! How wicked is that?

Oh, and another incentive for Grant to have get me has Google maps, so Grant won't have to be my personal GPS anymore!!
Pictures to come!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


I just have one thing to say about my past 4 days at the Area V Adult Rider eventing Camp.....

I have the Greatest horse EVER!!!!!!!

Ronan showed me that he's really coming into his own now, and just loves jumping. He is like a transformed horse since he had his jumping epiphany on Memorial day.

The camp was taught by Rainey Andrews from VA, and she was extremely good. I just loved her, and I learned so much. I would highly recommend her to anyone of any level of riding. She was very positive, energetic, and did a lot of lecture and theory on everything that she had us do. She was so good at simplifying things and breaking things down....really cool stuff.

Oh, and Ronan, because he was so good, got put into the Novice group, and finally got to jump BIG!
After months and months of little X-rails and small verticals over and over again (Ok...well it's only been since February, but still...I was getting pretty bored.) He finally got to jump some much more interesting and challenging stuff. We did tons of combinations, gymnastic sequences over what were all at least 3' fences, and then lots of wide oxers, narows, and even a huge triple bar..( Believe me, that sucker was WIDE!) No problems what-so-ever. He jumps like it's effortless....well, with him being so huge it probably is, but anyway....

We both learned a lot, and I don't think that I've ever been so proud of one of my horses before.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Off to Horse Camp!

Well, Tomorrow, Ronan and I are off to camp. We'll be going to the USEA Area V adult rider's eventing camp with the trainer, Rainey Andrews. She used to be a trainer under Jimmy Wofford, one of the most famous eventers in history.

So, hopefully, it'll be fun and relaxing for me, and good training for Ronan, who I'm afraid will just be hot. the meantime, I thought I'd leave with this....

Ronan came in first at the Meadow Creek Horse Trials (Event) last weekend.....after an amazing cross country round, and a quiet, relaxed, show jumping round that did not incur any time penalties!


He also did a jumpers round for practice the day before the horse trial and came in 2nd! (For going clear and being closest to optimum time.)

Monday, June 18, 2007


Ok, so my wonderful husband has ironed out all of the bugs and given my blog a behind the scenes overhaul/makeover. I just wanted to leave a quick post just so that he knows that I'm very happy now!

More updates on life, the vet world, Ronan and other random stuff to come......
Oh! and new pictures of Ronan!