Friday, June 29, 2007

Do you know anyone who got an iphone? Oh WAIT That's ME!

I am the coolest....well, actually, Grant is the coolest, well, he was the coolest before, but regardless....he bought me an iphone!
He swears it isn't just because he felt guilty about washing my cell phone earlier this week.....

After giving it to me, he took me to the apple store (which was open until midnight tonight for the iphone launch) so that I could play with one. Yes, I saw Steve Jobs when he premiered it, and it looked flipping cool, but Steve Jobs makes everything look really freaking cool!
The stuff that you can do with the touch screen is unbelievable!
And, if you're listening to your music through the headphones and you get a call, it will fade your music out and pause it, then you can answer the call, and then it fades your music back in when you're done! How wicked is that?

Oh, and another incentive for Grant to have get me has Google maps, so Grant won't have to be my personal GPS anymore!!
Pictures to come!!!

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