Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No More Nickel Creek

It's tragic. One of my absolute favorite bands, Nickel Creek, sent me email yesterday saying that they were going to take a "break of indefinite length". How sucky is that?
Yes, I'll still have my CDs, but the worst part is that they are the best live band that I've ever seen.

I'm mourning.....

"cause I......
Should've known better.
Should've seen it coming...
My heart sank
when I read that letter.
Sank like a stone.
Sank like a stone."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Club Scrap wants my layout!

I got this email the other day from club scrap headquarters, about my layout!

Hi Sarah,
I was forwarded over your great layout Riding is my Life by Tricia Morris to post
on the CS website. Your layout is in the Gallery on the website under the
Color in Black & White kit.
If you would please e-mail me your City and State so I can include the information
on the site under your great work.
Thanks for sharing your talent

To go to the clubscrap gallery where my layout is click here!

Here's a picture of the layout....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Careful what you wishfor....yeah right!

So, yesterday, I was thumbing through the yankee candle catalogue, and I was wishing that they'd bring back my favorite scent, "Sugared plums" (They discontinued it a few years ago, but brought it back for the holidays last year, and then took it away again.)

Then, today.....in my inbox is an email from yanke candle that says...

Woo-hoo it's back! You can get it here! I guarantee...it's the best!

"It's getting better all the time....better, better, better!"

Check out my new updated blog! My oh-so-groovy husband, Grant, did some changes for me last night..(I'm too lazy to learn HTML myself)It's looking pretty darn cool! Everything's not

See? : ) He's the best! I LOVE YOU GRANT!
Husbands are the best!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snakes on a Plane man...snakes on a plane

Well, in case you haven't noticed....the movie that I've been waiting for all summer (well.... other than that pirate movie with that oh-so-attractive Depp guy) is out this weekend!
That's right...good, bad, or other....Snakes on a Plane is here.

Of course, being me, I'm going to embrace a campy cult followed film..."The Adveturs of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension", "The Lair of the White Worm", "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"......you know the ones that I mean. I love films that have a sense of culture associated with them. It just adds another dimension to the thrill that is moviedom.... The fact that Snakes on a Plane was a cult classic before it was even released is extraordinary. Wow. What an example of the change that can be brought on by technology. Gotta love it!
Yes, this pre-release internet following can be attributed to the preexisting cult like status of Sam Jackson...but there is just so much more to it. America's been waiting for 2 things.....

1.) A new campy film.....When was the last time that we had one? I mean one that was campy, but actually was pretty good, funny, bearable to watch....one that was made to resemble something a bit more serious. I'm not talking There's Something About Mary....which is made to be stupid. A movie that is so bad or predictable that it's good. That's what all of these fans imagined when they heard the title....."Snakes on a Plane" ....perfect!

2.) A really kick a** sort of character. Yeah, there's been lots of good heroes and villains recently, but we are in desperate need of a take no prisoners, no chance in hell that they're gonna lose, arrogant character, that does it with some sort of style. People are mourning for a character like Samuel L. in Pulp Fiction .

And, the directors, writers, producers all knew this when they came up with and cast this film. I just don't think that they had any idea how right they were!
But hey, any film where they went in and shot additional footage so that the film would meet up to fans expectations is a film that I want to see. That's what campy, non-art0house movie making is all about.

Check out these links...
my favorite NPR interview about this film...

A dance remix made from the NPR interview and clips from the film, etc.

Oh...and check out this interesting fact from the IMDB:

"Samuel L. Jackson only signed on for this film because of the title. It was later changed to "Pacific Air Flight 121", but Jackson demanded that they reverse the change. "We're totally changing that back. That's the only reason that I took the job: I read the title." "

So, who thinks that at the end of the film Sam Jackson's character takes out a "snake skin wallet" that says "Bad Mother F*****" on it??

Gotta love the movies.

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's a Beaver

Saturday we went on a road trip to San Antonio with Peter Suk and Diehl Moran for the San Antonio Contra Dance. Grant had a calling gig, and Evil Genius was playing.
I love road trips....especially with eclectic, geeky people. That way, I can pretty much be my normal self, let loose, and pretty much look standard and normal within the present company.

The highlight of the trip up was stopping at "Bucky's truck stop". There were signs for Bucky's starting somewhere about 1/2 way to San Antonio on I-10, and each one had the "Bucky's" logo, which was a beaver wearing a baseball cap. I swear, there was like, one every 2-3 miles. That's not too uncommon, and I wasn't really paying any attention to it, until Diehl started talking about another time that he made this drive. Apparently, he had missed the other 300 signs, and just happened to notice one that just had the picture on it, and said "It's a Beaver"...so of course, Diehl went off on all sorts of tangents with that one....Then....back to our trip....about 15 minutes later...Grant pointed out..."There's Diehl's sign" and there it was.....Ahhhhh. You see...this is why I love road trips....just for those bizarre kinds of moments. So, of course, we decided then and there that it was a sign....well, literally too...and that we must stop at the infamous Bucky's truck stop.

You know how when you envision something in your mind that's gotten a ton of excessive hype, and then you actually see it and well...it's somewhat of a let down? Yeah...well, that was kind of my first impression of Bucky's because it was all clean, new and sparkly looking. Oh, and the place was huge! . It didn't look like it'd been a "road trip to San Antonio" icon for long. But, it earned back some coolness points by having an enormous kind of deli counter with like tons of different types of jerky....and they had their label on all sorts of things, like their own snacks, etc. They also sold Bucky's truck stop T-shirts...(I drew the line at that one.) And, they also had Dr. Pepper slushies, which of course, Diehl got. I got 2 pieces of Teriyaki jerky, and Peter got some caramel corn puffs or something like that Bucky's own personal brand, of course . They were like corn Pops, the cereal, covered in caramelized sugar.) I don't think that Grant got anything...maybe a drink...but, anyway. That was our amusing stop.

The dance hall was neat. It was on the second floor of the gymnasium in "Our Lady of the Lake College". Who knew that there actually was an Our Lady of the Lake U.... I've seen their billboards and their adds for online courses, etc. I just figured it was one of those degree-o-matic type businesses posing as a college. It was actually a beautiful place...and they had ducks...

Evil Genius was awesome, Grant was awesome, and I, being the only one of us who actually danced, had a groovy time, and met lots of nice people. Hopefully, they'll have us back.
We all drove home that night....skipping Bucky's this time.

Oh, yeah...Peter has the grooviest place now! It's part of an old house in the Heights...very nice. And, he has a movie room..with a kick ass projector and screen...Yes...now I want one. Screw the big screen LCD TV that is outrageously costly that I'll never spend the money on....now, I want a projector that is outrageously costly and I'll never spend the money on.

Good trip...I hadn't been on a road trip in a while, so it was refreshing. Diehl and I decided that next time, we're sticking around another day and going to Schlitterbahn.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Amazing, amazing, amazing trip

I've been back from CKU-A in Atlanta and my Personal Treasury experience for 1 week now, and I'm still completely overwhelmed by the experience (but in a wonderful way.) It was all good.

However, I've wanted to post about it, but my feelings were so intense that I didn't know where to start, and I know that it'll take an enormous amount of time to relay what this experience was for me. Unfortunately, after going on a trip, I was slammed this week, and also had a tripped planned to Greenwood to school cross country yesterday, so there just wasn't any time. Also, I've been so involved with my album, that I've been trying to work on it every chance that I get while I still have all of this wonderful momentum and cku high...the atmosphere, creative ambiance, and overall feeling of how wonderful life is that was present in my Personal Treasury class was unbelievable, and I just don't want to lose that....ever....but especially while I'm working on this album, which when finishd, hopefully will embody these ideals and contain the spirit that I felt while in this class.

So basically, I will discuss it eventually and post lots of pictures, but alas, I will need more time.