Monday, August 07, 2006

Amazing, amazing, amazing trip

I've been back from CKU-A in Atlanta and my Personal Treasury experience for 1 week now, and I'm still completely overwhelmed by the experience (but in a wonderful way.) It was all good.

However, I've wanted to post about it, but my feelings were so intense that I didn't know where to start, and I know that it'll take an enormous amount of time to relay what this experience was for me. Unfortunately, after going on a trip, I was slammed this week, and also had a tripped planned to Greenwood to school cross country yesterday, so there just wasn't any time. Also, I've been so involved with my album, that I've been trying to work on it every chance that I get while I still have all of this wonderful momentum and cku high...the atmosphere, creative ambiance, and overall feeling of how wonderful life is that was present in my Personal Treasury class was unbelievable, and I just don't want to lose that....ever....but especially while I'm working on this album, which when finishd, hopefully will embody these ideals and contain the spirit that I felt while in this class.

So basically, I will discuss it eventually and post lots of pictures, but alas, I will need more time.

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