Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Snap Crackle & Pop!

I have finally found something that Halfpipe likes to eat other than his Totally ferret food! Wonders never cease.

Last night, my most wonderful husband made me Rice Krispy Treats to take to my scrapbook convention this week. We tried giving Halfpipe a bit of the leftover in the bowl...and he liked it. He REALLY liked it.

This is the ferret who won't even try Raisins or ferret treats or even peanut butter, but Rice Krispy that's something. I guess that he just has good taste.
I wonder if it's the rice Krispies or the marshmallows that he likes....probably the melted marshmallow and butter....
Figaro would agree that marchmallows are the food of the gods.

Mmmmmmm....bummer...why didn't I bring any to work for lunch?

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