Thursday, July 20, 2006

Final Countdown to CKU-A

6 DAYS unil I leave for Atlanta!!!
I can't believe that it's already here! I'm going to be working on an album track with Danelle Johnson, who has the Art Warehouse line of scrapbooking supplies! Woo-hoo! She is way groovy, and she does a lot of stamps and texturizing, etc in her artwork, so I'm hoping to gleen a bit of artistic skill while I'm there!

The album that I'll be doing is called "A Personal Treasury from A-Z" and I have to have photos to represent something that I treasure for each letter of the alphabet. This is HARD! I still don't have a "Y" and I have way to many things for "S" (Stormy, Shakespeare, scrapbooking, snow), "M" (Mom, music, and movies); and "F" (Figaro, Ferrets, friends) See what I mean??

The good news is that I've been able to take the time to play more with my photoshop elements, which I love, and to work on downloading new brushes, etc...
This is a picture that I worked on to try out some of the new ones!

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