Monday, July 10, 2006

And THIS is the day that I will always remember as the day that I saw them almost catch captain Jack Sparrow....AGAIN!

So, we made a second attempt at the Pirates flick and I actually saw the entire film this time!!
Grant is already chomping at the bit, not wanting to wait another year for the 3rd installment. I can't really blame him, but I'd much rather relish in the glory of the second film (Dead Man's Chest). It just made me want to go back and watch the original again. (Which I've already seen several times, but sinc it's gracing my DVD collection...)
Oh! and Elizabeth's wedding gown, had a striking resemblance to my own! It was cream and gold, long sleeves, etc. Great choice. However, they never revealed what her shoes looked like.... I'll have to remember to get another gold gown sometime. I like that combination. And of course, Johnny Depp was amazing as always, and that cute Orlando Bloom sweet...and honest. (a lot like Grant. : ) Makes me want to watch Lord of the Rings again, which also happens to be gracing my DVD collection.

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