Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's Raining Again....

Well, it rained again this weekend, so what were we doing? At a horse show of course! I swear that every show that we've done since getting Ronan, except for the combined test. the weather's been bad. In the last month alone, we got poured on at Meadow Creek, I got rained on all week at Horse camp, and then we got poured on again at the Pine Hill show on Sunday. The trailer's an absolute mess on the inside. It's going to need some serious cleaning. Lovely...but hey! Ronan's great in mud and wet.

He was awesome again this show. Such a good boy.

So, I've decided to move him up and give him the chance to kick butt at the Novice level in eventing! We don't show again until end of September, so we'll be ready. But for now, I at least am looking forward to a much needed break.

Other events.... (ripping off a blog style from Karen Russell)

1.) Just playing with my new iphone.
That thing is just so awesome. I'm completely enthralled. Loaded some music, a movie, and some pictures on it last night... No Lilo and Stitch, It wasn't available from itunes. Bummer.

2.) Imersing ourselves in Harry Potter...we've already got our movie tix for the 12:01 AM showing of Order of the Phoenix....watched Goblet of Fire on DVD last week. Can't wait, and then there's the final book....
I'm listening to the Half Blood Prince on my ipod to give me a refresher before the new one comes out. Grant of course re-read all of the books (again) in the last 2-3 months so he's going to be ready. Oh, and Grant also got me a book entitled something like "Severus Snape, Friend or Foe" which has some theories by a few people including the sci fi author Orson Scott Card. Really cool.

3.) Diogital Scrapbooking... Taking a new PSE class from Digital Scrapbook Place this month, and I've got a digital/hybrid album class from Big Picture Scrapbooking coming up this month too.

4.)Fireworks.....2 times within the year, I am gloriously reminded of the number one advantage to living in Houston outside of the city...Can't wait.

5.) Hermione month...yes, the little wild and crazy, whippersnapper is back! Dad's gone on and off all month, so Hermione is back at Camp Goodyear. She and Ophelia were chasing each other around the loft and down the catwalk last night at 1 AM. Such energy.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh cool, I didn't know you guys were Potter fans. Matt- not so much, but ME, well, I'm so excited about the last book! :) I will be sooo disappointed if Snape turns out to be a bad guy, which is funny coming from me, the original pessimist. I'm also excited about your iphone, it was too cool. I'm considering a plain old Ipod shuffle or nano or something for my trip to Kentucky. Depends on what kind of bargain I can find on ebay.