Monday, July 09, 2007

Matt is so COOL!

So late last night, I'm struggling with some concepts from my digital PSE class, and feeling creatively blocked and frustrated when I get this email from my friend Shannon (of Matt and Shannon who ride out at Falconwood ).

It said something like:
Matt said that you wanted a copy of this song....

and there it was....the Elvis Costello cover of "She" from the movie Notting Hill that I went rambling on forever about last week (isn't that what blogs are for anyway?) after a much too time consuming attempt to find it. See post from July 4th


It just made me so happy! I've listened to it like 6 times. : )

Matt, you're the absolute best!! Thanks.

I have the grooviest friends.

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Shannon said...

LOL This made me smile. Several comments....saw the Potter film today, thought it was the best one so far, can't wait for the new book. Regarding movie soundtracks. I had to buy the one from "My Best Friends Wedding" for the "I Say A Little Prayer" female family members all lined up and sang it for me at my wedding reception. I have several similar pics of Grant with his camera, and some good ones of you and Ronan. One day we'll have to have a picture trading party. :) The French Toast brunch sounds awesome!!