Monday, July 09, 2007

Groovy Weekend

Wow! I had the weekend off, and we were at home! No shows, clinics, trips, etc. Whew!

I think that we really needed a break.

I did take Ronan out to Pine Hill on Saturday for our lesson, which was awesome! He was perfect. Jumped a whole bunch of new cross country jumps on the novice course. No problem! Just like it was nothing! Very relaxed....Go Ronan!

Otherwise, it was an eclectic mix of things this weekend....lots of fun.

1.) Went to see Ratatouille....

Awesome flick. Loved it! loved it! Loved it!! Pixar's done it again. Too cool. So funny. Had cooking for Grant, and Rats for me, what more could we ask for?

2.) Rode bareback on Sunday AM for over an hour. I just love doing that.

3.) Saw a preview for the new "Underdog" live action film....oh no. Unfortunately, it has a beagle, which I guess the real underdog was, but still....

The movie looks pretty bad, but had some great tag lines...

"One Nation Under Dog!" - Love this one! How great!

Coming this August..."Evil Gets Licked!" - that's the best.

4.) So, because of Underdog, I'll probably get stuck seeing more beagles (Arrrgh!), but hopefully, because of Ratatouille, I'll get to see more RATS! (That would be awesome!)

5.) Had corn on the cob for dinner last night. Mmmmmm. My favorite. Got it from this little farm on the way home from the horse good. Also got some new potatos, which Grant made with garlic and rosemary to go with the corn..... Now I'm hungry.

6.) Got new pajamas! Cute ones with Marie the cat from The Aristocats

7.) Went to brunch at Jasper's Sunday with Grant....Vanilla French toast with bananas and nuts....mmmmmmm.

8.) Tried to do some scrapbooking, failed miserably.


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