Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a montage!

Right now, this is one of my favorite pictures. Even though Ronan looks silly in his braids.

Ok, so I'm finally at the point in my class where we're starting to do photo montages. Learning lots of cool blending and mask techniques. Very neat.
Here's one of my class assignments, work in progress...I still have to do some graphical and text things to it for class, but it'll give you some sort of idea. Pictures of Ronan and me.

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Anonymous said...

What fantastic pictures Sarah, I'm going to have to start playing with photoshop and see if I can do something fun like that. Awesome. Can't wait to tell you about our trip to KY and SC! If you don't mind could you send me a copy or similar of the Meadowcreek pic, tell Grant that's one of the best pictures of us that I've seen. Good timing. We still need to do a group shot of you guys and the Falconwood people.