Friday, September 01, 2006

A Laborless labor day...what a novel idea!

Wow...starting at 4PM, I'm actually off through Tuesday. That's right...4 DAYS IN A ROW!!!
Poker isn't gonna know what's hit him! Besides riding...I plan to scrapbook and work on my Personal Treasury Album from CKU.
I have been steadily working on it, but I'm nowhere close to being done yet...but maybe after this weekend...yeah, right. But the good news is that it is coming out gorgeous! I am so happy with this project!

We'll be having Miss Hermione Robertson staying with us again this weekend. Ophelia and Halfpipe will be thrilled. Figaro....not so much...but it does mean that he gets more Aquari-yums, which are currently his favorite treat.

So, basically, it seems just like your everyday American's labor day weekend...which is just something radical for us. Maybe, I'll go check out that Pirate movie again...(for the 3rd time) or how about The Illusionist....Hmmm. I just love movies.

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