Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 11th

So here it is, the 5 year anniversary of September 11th, and the world is once again in mourning. I refuse. There is just so much sadness in the world; I will not let this keep bringing me so far down. Otherwise, I might as well give the terrorists another point! I feel so much for the people in which this brings sorrow to their lives everyday....and I know that there are many. But I feel that since I am capable of it, I am going to live! I am going to celebrate my freedoms tomorrow, even if some of them have been taken away since September 11th. Not all of them are gone, and I refuse to let the terrorists and all of their supporters get the pleasure of bringing me down every year on this anniversary.

Carpe Diem.

Tomorrow...... even though I have to be at work at the crack of dawn (aka 7AM) to do my surgery shift, I will celebrate that not only am I a veterinarian, but a woman, with a career, and respect.

Tomorrow..... I will have fun with my friends, take a road trip, make art, and just play!

Life is here. Life is now.

Even though I get scared by many things that are happening in the world and within our politics, this at least is something that I do have a bit of power over. So, it most likely isn't what other people will be doing tomorrow, and believe me, I do not mean it to be disrespectful in any way...everyone should do what they feel is best for them on this day (that's freedom), but I will be having fun, I will be enjoying my life....because luckily, I did not die 5 years ago. I was lucky...and since I was lucky, I think that instead of sulking...I will live.

Take that, anti-americans....

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