Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Riding, head injuries, and scrapbooking or what I did this labor day weekend

Well...It sure was nice to have 4 days off!

We did some of this....

and I did lots of this...

Stormy did lots of this..

Ophelia and Hermione got to spend the weekend doing this...

and Grant RAN 9 MILES on SATURDAY !!!!

By the end of it all on Tuesday, I looked like this.... Thanks to Poker hitting me on the head while jumping on Tuesday AM.He threw his head and neck way up and just whacked me in the face. Broke the brim off of my helmet and everything! Luckily, I did not break my nose, and had minimal swelling. Not even black and blue...which is amazing since my nose, mouth and jaw still hurt like hell...not to mention the whip lash. So all that is obviously visible is a split lip No one can tell that my nose bled like I'd been in a bar brawl. I swear that I'm gonna give Ruth a heart attack one day! Hey, but I cleaned myself up and finished my lesson while my head and face were still numb, and had a pretty decent ride!
Poker, Poker, Poker....

I kicked it off with scrapbooking Friday night with Cindy at the Lone Star Scrapbook Co. ...worked on my Personal Treasuryalbum...(surprise, surprise)...had a blast.

Did I mention that Grant ran 9 MILES!!!!

Sat :
- I rode Poker with Mom...(she's getting better all of the time! Grant ran 9 MILES!!!!
Then I came home and took a nap. Poker's shoe was loose, so I called the farrier. Grant and I went to Target...then had dinner at Los Cucos! mmmmm. Queso del rio (aka shrimp fundido)

-We slept in! Amazing! Poker got the day off because of the shoe thing.... Then we went to brunch at Landry's. They changed it all up. We hadn't been in quite a while. It used to be that they had the omlette/waffle station, and then variouos fish and chicken dishes, peel-n-eat jumbo shrimp (mmmm), eggs benedict (for Grant) and various other brunchy items. Now, they have a "brunch" menu, or you can get the waffle/omlette station, which also includes some cottage fries, sausage, bacon, fruit, etc...all breakfast stuff....not really brunch. I hate it when things change. I got the waffle buffet thingy, which was very good, and I got the omlette man to fix me the shrimp and crawfish tails without any basically just the sauteed stuff that you put inside the omlette. Did I happen to mention that I HATE EGGS! That's why I like brunch, because there is usually a lunch type selection as well, so not everything is focused on the eggs!

Grant and I did some shopping..... Michaels (both of them, hey..I had a 50% off coupon!!), The Apple store, and checked to see if the new Disney store in the mall was open...It wasn't...bummer. Dad came by and picked up Hermione on the way home from Dallas. We hung out at home together while I did some scrapbooking...

Went out to the farm with Grant and Mom...rode Poker, who was great again!! and now had a shoe! Grant and I stopped at various Hobby Lobbys on the way home (coupons again) and went back to Michaels to use the 50% off coupon since my mom had given me hers that morning...

Dad and Hermione came back over and we set up a motion sensor for our outside light. Should have been all things....took forever!

Grant and I went to Red Robin!!! then hung out at home some more.

Tuesday AM...
That's when Poker whacked me...
I was supposed to scrapbook with my friends, but everyone had something unexpected come up, which was probably good because then I went home and took mega doses of ibuprofen and went to bed for like, 5+hours.
Tuesday ended up being pretty much a wash...except that my wonderful husband got me Pasta Davinci from cheesecake factory, along with their fried macaroni and cheese....yummmmm.
He takes such good care of me! general, it was very relaxing up until the head trauma part...but, hey that wasn't until the last day anyway! I got to spend a ton of time with Grant, I worked a lot on my album, and Poker got ridden 3 times! Not too shabby, huh?
Oh, and of course, Stormy loved having us home so much! See her smiling???

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head injuries ??? I worry about you and that horse!