Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Trailer woes...

Ok...so...still having trailer woes... : (

Tried Laura's trailer out this past weekend, and well....

1.) He really didn't fit much better in it than in mine.

2.)The yellow truck/yellow submarine/big yellow taxi pulled that big sucker just fine.

3.)Her super huge long trailer is actually easier to turn and back up than my little Sooner trailer!

4.) Somehow, the balance wasn't right for my truck, and the front of her trailer weighed down the back of my truck too much...Kind of scary.

5.)So....We're going to take ours instead, and just open up the divider and see how that goes. We tried it the other day, and he seemed just fine.

6.)However, our AC unit still shifts some when we're trailering, so if Grant doesn't get back up on the roof and shift it back.... it rains in my trailer (inside the living quarters) Will try and take it to Bunkhouse and get that fixed before we go.

7.) The good news is that Grant secretly ordered me a new memory foam mattress off of ebay so that hopefully, my back won't hurt so much when sleeping in the trailer. : ) I love that man.

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