Friday, September 05, 2008

Wow! It's almost here! And I'm so not ready!!

Ronan pretending to be Rocky

Well....Here's the tentative schedule...

Saturday, 9/6 - Sarah works 8-6, rides Ronan (courses) then finishes up some packing, panics, etc.
Grant, works diligently on preparing for the trip, and does all of the stuff that Sarah thought that she'd get to, and of course, did not. : ) (I know...he's awesome.)

Sunday 9/7 - Sarah works 9-6...Grant picks up Dad from the airport in the afternoon. After work, Sarah takes a short nap, then finishes everything else and we depart for Lamplight ASAP...probably will be like midnight or something.

Monday 9/8 - We drive forever, and Ronan is bored. Hopefully, arriving at lamplight sometime late that night.

Wed. 9/10 Dressage (Ronan is lovely)

Thurs. 9/11 Cross country (Ronan is bold and kicks butt (not Sarah's))

Fri. 9/12 Show jumping (Ronan is awesome!)

Not sure when we're leaving yet. It'll depend upon how things are going, how much fun Ronan is having, and if Ronan is bummed and or rammy because he hasn't been turned out in a week!

I don't have to be back at work until Tuesday....but, I'll be working every single other day in September. : )

More later!!!

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Shannon said...

Great picture...a sea of jump poles.
You guys be safe and have a great time, we're looking forward to continued updates, or at least a full recap when you get back. I'm so excited for you!!