Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting back to normal.... whatever that is

We've had power for over a week and a half now, but there are still several people that we know without it. Still seeing lots of blue tarps on the roofs of many houses where hurricane Ike took them out.

Went back to work the day after we got back in town since my hospital had power, and man was it crazy, crazy, crazy. I was scheduled to work the next 19 days straight (teach me to take a week off!) but I got one of the other doctors to pick up a shift for me in the middle so that I'd have at least one day off in that stretch. Whew.

I've been riding a few times since we got back...had a great show jumping lesson, and Ronan's feeling good. We've been training so hard the last year, I'm just trying to let him take it easy for a bit this fall. We have a GHCTA show at Pine Hill next weekend on my birthday, and we'll be going out to the Holly Hill USEA Fall horse trials near Shreveport, LA at the end of the month for his first outing at a recognized Training level event. Hermione will be coming along with us to that one. It should be colder out there, so hopefully, she and Ronan can wear their matching rugs.

Grant's birthday was last week (Sept. 23) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT!!! We've been out a few times, and my mother made him a Wall-E cake that was really cool. Last night we went out to dinner, and Grant wore his new jeans and his chuck's, so it appears that he's quite happy with his presents. I also got him this DVD set of lighting workshop videos for photography form Strobist that he has really been wanting for a long time. We started watching them the night that I gave them to him, and I quickly fell asleep....oh well. He loves them!

Aside from Grant's birthday, last week was just hard, so I'm hoping that this week will get a bit better.
I'm participating in Ali Edwards "A Week in the Life" challenge that she's posting on her blog, so hopefully, it will give me a bit of a different perspective on my everyday, take lots of pictures, do some reflecting, etc.

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1 whole month with no blog updates!!!! We need an update!!!