Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Halloween was so groovy.

We actually got to dress up this year. I made us real costumes and everything! Well, I made the robes, which was actually plenty, believe me! Especially since I had to alter the pattern, attach a lining, and I had a horrible time finding enough fabric....Oh! and did I mention that I had to do it all twice? (since there are 2 of us) ...but anyway....

Grant was Harry Potter and I got to be Luna.

Thanks to the wonderful world of ebay (I love you ebay!) we had Hogwarts ties (1 Gryffindor and 1 Ravenclaw), Our house crest patches that I put on the robes, and WANDS! Yes, we had the absolute coolest wands. They were made of resin, and were replicas of the wands used by Harry and Hermione in the movies. (Yeah, no Luna : ( but hey...I thought that I was doing pretty well here.) The wands had a little LED light at the tip that you could turn on and off by holding down a little button, so they actually looked like the wands in the movie when they were lit. We did our best to get the house uniforms right, and basically had the right spirit...Grant's was pretty much perfect, which of course was most important since he was Harry and all. : ) He even let me draw a little lightning bolt scar on his forehead with eyeliner. YES! I actually got to put make up on my husband or as he would say "stuff on his face."

We spent Halloween night at McGonigel's Mucky Duck down in Houston at the Clandestine concert. (Which totally rocked, btw!) So cool. Our friend Leisa, who sells the CDs for the band was the Grim Reaper, with this awesome real scythe (thanks again to the great ebay!) My mother was there too.
2 weeks prior, we went to a party at our friend Audrey's house, so we got to wear our costumes twice! (although for the first party they were still somewhat under construction)

Every place that we went had the grooviest Halloween decorations.

Harry with Grim Reaper Leisa

Who knew that death had an iphone?

Harry and Luna
Who knew that Luna was so short?

Mom, looking particularly witchy that night.

Death vs. The wizards

So there's some groovy pictures for you, and hopefully, I'll be posting the pictures of Ophelia and Thomas' Halloween. : ) Yeah...they're beyond cute.

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Shannon said...

You guys are the coolest! Awesome costumes.