Thursday, September 11, 2008

28.4 !

Wow! I finally got to an internet connection.

The show is just awesome!! Lamplight Equestrian Center is beautiful. Really great facility.

We are currently tied for 5th after cross country !!!! How totally cool is that??
Dressage was yesterday, and he was pretty great! Not his best test, but a good one, and no silly spooking stuff. Very focused, very grown up. :)

X-country was today! I walked the course 3 1/2 times, so I was ready, and didn't get lost. Ronan was great. Listening and moving on! He didn't look at any of the fences, just kept on jumping. Really good boy! Oh! and he was moving on so well, that we almost got penalties for going too fast. We were supposed to be going 400 meters per minute. He wasn't noticeably fast, very balanced, not running of or on the forehand at all, just more at a training pace, I guess rather than the Novice pace. I did get him slowed down at the end, so didn't have any time faults, but it was close.
The course was challenging in some ways, but not crazy hard or trappy.
As far as fences go, there was 2 water combinations, a half coffin, a wimpy trakhener, and a very wide in length and narrow in width corner. There were 4 or 5 combinations. It was really nice. Our run was very uneventful, which to me is always a good thing, but may have appeared to be a bit boring. Ronan seemed to be really having fun, but was bummed out when we finished because he couldn't jump anymore. He felt like he was all warmed up and ready to go!

Tomorrow is showjumping, so I'm off to braid again. (He looked pretty spiffy for dressage.)
Keeping our fingers crossed that he'll be a good boy tmorrow. I can't wait! (more about the actual trip, etc. later...)

Oh and, I hear that there's a hurricane that's going to hit us back home. Lovely. At leaast Ronan's already evacuated.

I'll try and add pics to my post later on.


Leisa McCord said...

Hey, congratulations! Yeah, Ike is looking pretty bad. So, don't hurry home...

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Go Sarah and Ronan. Grant can't wait to see your wonderful photos documenting this. Enjoy each wonderful moment and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Sarah we are so proud of you!!! I've been on the ARC website checking on you. We're all buttoned up here for Ike - you're not missing anything. FABULOUS JOB!!!!! You Rock! Laura & Aric & Simba