Wednesday, August 27, 2008

As Healthy as a Horse

Well, Ronan went to see his favorite Equine Vet Dr. Jenni Schroeder out at Waller Equine, and he got a thumbs up! So, all set to go from that angle.

Yes...I take my horse to another vet. I feel that since I see him everyday, that I might miss something.

We discussed our travel plans and she gave me some great tips on traveling with him for that long of a distance.

We're still trying to decide on what to do about the trailer situation. He needs to be able to drop his head down so that he can cough and clear his throat as needed, as well as just for generalized comfort on that long of a trip. The truth is, that in our trailer...he can't. He barely fits in there! His head's wedged up against the window, and his but is smack against the chance that he's gonna fall down though! Doesn't seem to mind for a couple of hours, but this is like an entire day. 20+ (I'm guessing 24 hours)

I can open up the divider so that he can have both stalls, and that's a bit better for him, but I'm not sure if that's going to be the safest thing because he won't have anything to lean on.

My awesome friend Laura has offered the use of her really awesome extra spiffy trailer. We put him in it last week, and he does have a bit more room, and another half a foot in height, but it's still not ideal. <Sigh> He's just too darn big! I'm going to try driving her trailer this weekend and see how it pulls etc. I don't know how I'm going to be able to park that monster! So...then we hopefully can make a decision, and get him as comfortable as possible.

We're getting so excited. If it would only stop raining and dry out a bit!!!
I rode late last night after work, and yes, it rained on me...again....Oh well.
I just did some small jumps, as the footing wasn't too bad, but it was still wet. Just a bit of gymnastics. He was awesome....I love this horse! Such a good boy.

Got the Nick Larkin clinic coming up this we'll see how it goes. I know that he's going to be just fantastic!

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Shannon said...

Hope your clinic went well. Me and Matt and the horses almost ended up at Pine Hill with you guys because of Gustav. Ruth was kind enough to say yes to taking us in if necessary.
Can't wait to hear details about the clinic AND the AECs.