Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween

Today is the day, I always waited for all year. More important than Thanksgiving, more important than birthdays, more important than ....Christmas? ......YES!
I love costumes. I love getting dressed up, and the ability to choose a new identity or something different to wear that you might not normally do...I can't think of much that is more groovy and inspiring.
I used to plan all year, and contemplate what I was going to be, or how I was to design my costume, thinking about wigs to wear, fishnet stockings.....yummy.
I've been Batwoman, Marilyn Monroe (in 3rd grade!), scarlet O'Hare, the ghost of John Lennon, Grace Slick, a can-can dancer, Raggedy Ann (at least 4 times), various gypsies.....and tons of other ideas that I can't even begin to remember right now. Last year, Grant and I were Mr. and Mrs. Incredible!

This year....well, not really doing anything, not really dressing up. Time has gotten away from me, again. Things have been complicated....some good, some bad.
With the various health problems that I've had recently, right now, I think that life may be scary enough. And perhaps, instead of being someone else, I'd just rather be me....granted, me a few months ago, but still.
Anyway....I'm working on Halloween...AGAIN! So, no trick-or-treaters, and probably a wild and crazy night at work!

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