Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally Fall?

It was in the 60's yesterday! Finally. I actually had to wear a jacket and long sleeves out to ride. This is a good thing. I hate summer in Houston, and it just lasts forever.
Nice to not get all sweaty every time you step out the door.
Now, perhaps our electric bill will start going down. We can only hope!

Tried out some of Club Scrap's assembly line scrapbooking Wed. night.
They had an online event wear they had you use the entire kit. The owner, Tricia sent out periodic instructional and pictoral emails while you worked on the layouts. Tons of people from all over the country participating. Groovy.
It was really fun. Who knows if I'll actually use the layouts, but it's all about the process, so it was worth it. Something new to play with.
Next time, I'd like to try and come up with the layout ideas on my own, and scrap the kit without pictures. Just a new challenge. We'll see.

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