Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Winning and Losing

Wild show this weekend out at Pine Hill. Riding 2 horses in back to back divisions at a 1 day horse trial is CRAZY Wild! Poor Grant really got a work out, but he was so amazingly helpful. There is no way that I could have done this without him.

I promise to post pictures later.

So the good news is that I took Doc in the novice division for the first time, and WE WON!

Can you believe it? We won the last event that I took him to as well (It was in the beginner novice division) I've been doing this for over 20 years, and I've won a total of 4 events...2 of them being the last 2 shows that I took Doc in! And he's not even my horse, and he's really green.
I have come in second a lot with Poker, so I don't want to be too hard on him. , and he's won 2 events as well, just nothing recently.

Speaking of Poker....well...he was, Poker.
His dressage was actually pretty good, and we got a much better score than we have been getting (a 35!) But stadium was....disastrous...again.
I guess I screwed up last weekend missing that X-country fence, so this was his turn. He actually was jumping very well, and felt good, then he came up to this fence that was in the shadows and just crashed right through it. It was so freaky. Of course, I came off.... :( I don't know if it was because the lighting was weird or what. I brought him back around, and he almost did it again, but luckily stopped himself prior to crashing into the jump this time. (and I stayed on). The 3rd time, he actually did it, so I didn't get eliminated, but he jumped it really, really weird. He then continued on and jumped the rest of the course perfect. He was very confident cross country and did great.

Weird. I just can't figure him out. We came in last.

Oh well.

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