Monday, November 06, 2006

Too much work

Ok, so I'm currently on day 8 of working 11 days in a row. I only had 1 day off prior to starting this elongated stretch of veterinary hell...and can you tell that I'm tired?? Yipes!

My brain is toast.

My creativity level has been just lousy, so when I do have a brief second to relax, I can't even do something artful. That's not completely true. I did complete my Christmas tag album from my online class with Melodee Langworthy...she's the coolest. (I'll post pics later, when I actually have time to take them!) I just love all of Danelle Johnson's stamps, and this was a really groovy way to get me using the Christmas ones....kind of a jump start to my Christmas season. But, I was mostly following her instructions...not really coming up with the project on my own.

Yes...I'm starting my Christmas season now. Screw Thanksgiving. Since we moved back to Houston, I've been completely behind in all of my Christmas ventures every year. I haven't sent cards in years, (forget about actually making any)....and I never have the house done, and I'm always shopping at the last minute, etc...Yes, I know that this is all typical of my life and who I've become, but that doesn't mean that I'm happy about it. Every Christmas I keep feeling as though something is missing.....So...This year, I'm starting now. (I used to be a firm believer that anything Christmasy prior to Thanksgiving was sacrilege.) Times have changed. My time is short.

I spend too much time working...which I have to do...and really do love.

I spend so much time riding, which I love, but never enough time to be doing it well, to feel prepared, and that Poker is ready... (Did I mention that after this long stretch of working 11 days, which I haven't been able to ride during either, I have 1 day to ride, and then a show??)Am I crazy??? Yes. Oh well... I had no clue what my work schedule would be like when I signed up.

So now...I just need to just breathe...relax...and start thinking about sugared plums...yeah, right.


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