Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sing us "Your Song", they're the piano men....

Went to see Elton John and Billy Joel together in concert Thursday night.

Yes! I said TOGETHER!!!! In fact, not just sharing the venue, and night, but performing TOGETHER!!! Like, in a dueling pianos sort of way! Yes. I saw Billy Joel and Sir Elton John sing several of their songs back and forth as duets, and yes, it was just about the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

When the show started they both came out, each sat down at a Grand piano that were facing each other, and Billy Joel stated singing "Your Song", and they just traded verses back and forth, etc. did some harmonizing and both played really cool complimentary piano work at the same time. They sang several songs together like Just the way you are, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Moving Out.....

Then Billy left, somehow a piano disappeared, Sir Elton's band showed up and he played almost a full show all on his own. I have been trying to see Elton John in concert my whole life, ok well...since I was about 8...but, anyway, and now, I'm a bit older than 8, and it was so worth the wait. He was amaaazing. Could go into so much detail, but hey! That's why I never get my blog posts done and I'm cutting it off.

Then, Billy came back out and did his set....Yes. He did sing Scenes From an Italian Restaraunt, and yes, I did cry because it made me miss home...or more like, it made me miss New Jersey in the late 80s and early 90s and my friends and the Mom and Pop Italian tratorrias that were on every corner (before I even new what "Mom and Pop" meant since almost everything was that way there...not just one big chain after chain like here in TX), and I missed Parkway Ave. and even the Parkway Ave. diner, which I actually used to loathe having to go to since I didn't drink coffee, and they had horrible food, but since they were open 24 hours, and my best friend, Geoffrey, and all of my other friends loved that place, and coffee, I went there a ton once we could drive. (One day I'll do a post just on Billy Joel in my life..... but remember... I do want to actually get something posted here!)

Then, they came back out together and did a lot more songs together. It was just awesome. Really, really Awesome!!!

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Shannon said...

Guess who is going to be about four rows away from you guys in Oct at Reliant? Woohoo, US, that's who. :)