Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not dead, just busy

Lots of exciting things going on....

Work's been nuts...oh yeah it's summer, duh!

Ronan's going better than ever!

Still working on my PSE classes.

Ronan and I have a clinic with the ever-so-awesome kiwi, Nick Larkin this weekend. Can't wait!

Made an awesome coffee table type scrapbook for my "Worth a thousand words" class with Shimelle.... (I'll try to post pics in the next few days....love this project!

Dancing with Grant last Saturday.

Taking lots of awesome pictures...promise to post some one of these days..

Puppysitting the little whipper-snapper, Hermione for the last 2 weeks.

***So basically, Love, Work, Ronan, and Art....that's how I'm spending my summer.

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