Saturday, December 30, 2006

Groovy things are on the Horizon

Some really groovy stuff in the works....!
Some of it's secret, (has nothing really to do with me or my current life, just a surprise that I'm working on, so don't go thinking that I'm pregnant or moving or anything like that.) so it'll be a while before the details are revealed!

Also....I'm trying out this incredible Irish Sport Horse named Ronan. Just waiting to see how he's going to do over fences, and trying hard not to fall in love with him. : )

Grant update! He ran 21 miles 2 weeks ago, and now...we're just waiting until the 14th of January for the big day. Just 2 more weeks. He is so absolutely amazing, I just can't believe it.

Lots more later.....but basically, the update is that things are groovy.

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